Play the football themed instant game Red Card

This online casino game on is a football themed game but played nothing like football, it’s instant game Red Card. With 49 footballs on the field, 43 trophies to find, 6 red cards to avoid and a large jackpot you have the perfect combinations of an online casino game that will bring you hours of fun. Love football or hate football you will definitely love instant game Red Card.
The fans are cheering as you enter the online casino game and face the 49 football placed on the field. Gamevy Production who is the designers of instant game Red Card has gone into great details to make the green football field look like a great place to play a great game. All the 49 footballs has been given the traditional black and white design each with a number from 1 to 49. Above the green football field is the 6 red cards with a question mark on. Each of these red cards are holding a random number from 1-49, which you need to avoid in order to win some big prizes.
You won’t see any animation before you start to play the game. Once you have picked a football you will either reveal a spinning trophy or a red card. The spinning trophies have been given a shiny silver colour that has been well polished as it sparkles while it spins.
The aim of the game is to avoid the 6 footballs that are holding the red cards and only pick footballs that holds a trophy. After you have picked 6 footballs that are holding a trophy you will be able to cashout your winnings or you can continue the online casino game to make your winnings even bigger. Find all the 43 trophies and you win the very large jackpot!! How big the jackpot is all depends on how much you placed as your bet in the beginning of the game. You could win a HUGE jackpot if you play with the highest betting amount.
Instant game Red Card has been designed around the theme of football and not all online players like football, but to play instant game Red Card you don’t have to like football at all or even know the rules. As all that doesn’t matter as long as you know how to have fun and enjoy yourself then instant game Red Card is a perfect game for you.
Make a little time for some fun in your life that could lead to huge winnings. Just pick a football, avoid a red card and win, what could be more simple. Play now on and have some fun with instant game Red Card.

Click a football on instant game Red Card

Instant game Red Card is one of the most simple and fastest online casino games to set up here on  You have just one single setting to set before you can begin to have fun and win. There are two arrows attached to your betting meter. The arrow pointing up will increase your betting amount and the arrow pointing down will decrease the betting amount. You will be able to see the jackpot grow as you increase your betting amount. Beneath the betting meter is your start button. Click on the Start button and the online casino game will begin.

It is now your turn to click on the footballs you think are holding a trophy. After just 6 trophies you will be given the option to stop the game and cashout at any given time or continue the game and go for the jackpot. Playing instant game Red Card on Makocasino,com will give you hours of non stop fun.

September 1st, 2016

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