Shoot the zombies heads and win big on slotmachine Machine-Gun Unicorn.

A ‘magical’ story of colourful ponies and zombies are about to take over your screen with slotmachine Machine-Gun Unicorn right here on Designed by Microgaming you are given 5 reels on 10 paylines and the Two Way Pay which insures winning lines are paid from right to left and from left to right. Slotmachine Machine-Gun Unicorn also gives you a Wild symbol which will create bigger and better winnings for you by replacing other symbols on the reels. is more then just casino online, it’s a website where you can find all kinds of games to fit any online player.  

Before the story begins make sure you are sitting comfortably and be prepared for some wild imagination. Slotmachine Machine-Gun Unicorn will start by telling you the story of how your game began. Ponyland was a colourful and magical land where the adorable colourful little ponies lived with no stress or worries in their lives. The soon changed when one day hungry hideous zombies invaded their land and wanted to eat them all. The colourful ponies fought against the horrible zombies as hard as they could but unfortunately they got corned. When all seem lost a magical creature appear to save the day. A strong and brave looking white unicorn with a flowing golden mane, but instead of having the horn that a unicorn would have this unicorn was armed with a machine gun as it’s horn. Given the game the name slotmachine Machine-Gun Unicorn. This brave unicorn was here to save the day and with your help he just might be able to do so.

With loud heavy rock music playing in the background and soft pinks and greens used in the background you have arrived in the land of the ponies. In the fairytale backdrop everything might seem at peace but the hungry zombies are out there on your reels ready to attack. Genesis Gaming has gone for a very fairytale look on the backdrop and the symbols but adding a twist of evil and horror to make the game suit both female and male online players. Unicorns will never be lame again after you have played slotmachine Machine-Gun Unicorn.

On the reels you will find the colourful ponies that has gone from cuddles and giggles all day long together to full attack on the zombies. You have a yellow pony with an axe in it’s mouth and get a winning combination with this pony to see it swing that axe in order to defend it’s home. The other two ponies on the reels are pink and purple. The pink pony is holding a blood stained baseball bat with a ready for battle look in his eyes. While the purple pony seem to be sneaking up and ready to attack the next zombie. Among our ponies friends you also have a little green dragon who is helping the colourful ponies defend their home by breathing fire out at the invaders. On the reels you also have the invaders themselves, well you have the heads of three of the zombies in a glass jar. Don’t be fooled and think that they are dead as we all know zombies are not easy to kill. In order to kill the zombies you will need the brave machine gun unicorn to appear on the reels. With his machine gun loaded and armonision around his neck he can appear on reel number 3 and acts as your Wild symbol. On top of acting as your Wild symbol he will also make sure that the zombies appearing on the reels at the same time as him will be destroyed. With a quick movement of his head the unicorn will send gun bullets flying across the screen and destroy the zombies and the glass jar into tiny pieces. A credit value will be rewarded for every zombie killed, so there more zombies you destroy on the reels the higher the credit values will be.

Slotmachine Machine-Gun Unicorn is perfect for any level of online player and gives you a online game packed with action and big wins. Be a hero and save the ponies homes from the evil hungry zombies here on where all the best games can be found.

Get ready to defend with slotmachine Machine-Gun Unicorn

Slotmachine Machine-Gun Unicorn is one of the most easiest and fastest online games to start playing as you just have one setting to select before you start. Your paylines have already been set as fixed 10 paylines so you can move on to looking at your betting amount for the game. By using the arrows by the Bet meter you can control how high a bet you wish to play with on slotmachine Machine-Gun Unicorn. The bigger a bet you play with the bigger your winnings will be. You can now start your game by clicking on the Spin button. If you wish to have the game played a little faster, click on the Turbo button that will then be highlighted in rainbow colours. Your eels will now be revealing your symbols much faster.

To make your game even more easy then it already is. You also have the option to use the Autoplay button. You can select an amount of games you wish to have on autoplay and you will also be able to stop the autoplay at any time after a spin when you play on

December 13th, 2016

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