Find the lost city of gold with slotmachine Jungle Jim

Help the adventures Jungle Jim find the lost city of gold with slotmachine Jungle Jim here on Taking you deep into the jungles for adventures with slotmachine Jungle Jim has been made possible by Microgaming. This slotmachine has been loaded with amazing animations and sound effects that brings Jungle Jim right out of the game and into your world. Slotmachine Jungle Jim is an 25 payline slot with the Rolling reels feature, Multiplier Trail, free Spins, Scatter symbol, Wild symbol and best of all some very very big winnings to be won by you.

The epic quest that you are about to go on with slotmachine Jungle Jim takes you deep into the jungle where you can hear the jungles wildlife and see the beautiful scenery of where the lost city of gold can be found. El Dorado, the lost city of gold was originally a mythical tribal chief of the Muisca native people of Columbia. The tribal chief covered himself in gold dust and went into the water in Lake Guatavita. Over time this legend changed from a golden man, to a golden city, a golden kingdom and then an golden empire.

Microgaming has spare nothing on the graphic design and animation on slotmachine Jungle Jim. The backdrop is the jungle in all shades of greens and the ruins that Jungle Jim is standing on. Jungle Jim is a young and very handsome looking guy with a classic Indiana Jones look to him. Throughout your game you will see Jungle Jim do all kinds of animations that brings him to life. Watch him look at his watch or scratch his neck as he waits for you to spin the reels. Or see him get frustrated when a fly lands on his face and he gets it with one slap. Jungle Jim is there to help cheer you on and find the lost city of gold.

Slotmachine Jungle Jim has been given the great features Rolling Reels and the Multiplier Trail which is the features that you will instantly come to love on this game. Each time you have a winning combinations on your reels you will be given an extra spin and a multiplier. On your original spin you will be given a x1 multiplier and the winning symbols will explode on the reels making room for new symbols to drop down by the Rolling Reels feature. Get another winning combination on the reels and you will get a x2 multiplier and the winning symbols will be replaced again with new symbols. Win again and get a x3 multiplier, then a x4 multiplier and last the big x5 multiplier. The Rolling Reels feature and the Multiplier Trail feature are sure to bring you in some very big winnings on slotmachine Jungle Jim.

The Free Spins feature is activated by getting 3 Scatter symbols appearing on the reels of the game. You will get as many as 10 Free Spins and you will even be able to re-trigger this feature again. The Multiplier Trail feature is also featuring on the Free Spins but just as much bigger multipliers. Just like in the main game the Rolling Reels and the Multiplier Trail works together to make your winning big. The multipliers goes from x3, x6, x9, x12 to a massive x15!!

There is also a Wild symbol on slotmachine Jungle Jim to help making you some big wins. This great symbol designed as the logo of the game will replace other symbols except the Scatter symbol to create better winning combinations.

Your regular symbols are very closely related to the lost city of gold theme. There is four different colours of gems, an jade dragon sculpture, a tribal instrument, a tribal sculpture and a large treasure chest filled with sparkling gold nuggets. These might be the regular symbols on slotmachine Jungle Jim but they do give some very good payouts when you have a winning combinations with them.

Don’t be the last to go on the most epic adventure online with and the adventures Jungle Jim on slotmachine Jungle Jim, where the lost city of gold no longer has to be lost. Log onto and see the amny online casino games available to you.

The adventure begins on slotmachine Jungle Jim

Before you get out your best Indiana Jones look-a-like hat out and goes on the most epic online adventure, let’s make sure you have the game on the settings that you wish to play with. Slotmachine Jungle Jim is made for any level of online players and with just one setting to select you won’t be wasting any of your game time. The 25 paylines are fixed so you won’t have to select anything there. You do however have to select your betting amount. This can be done by the Bet selector. Use the plus to increase your betting amount or the minus to decrease the betting amount. Keep in mind you will win much bigger prizes when the stakes are high. You and Jungle Jim can now begin the adventure on slotmachine Jungle Jim. Click on the Spin button to make the reels spin.

To make your life a little bit easier why not use the Autoplay button that has been added to slotmachine Jungle Jim. This button will play the selected amounts of games you have selected to be played on autoplay, so you won’t have to keep clicking on the Spin button again and again. Remember on you are always in control of your game even when you have your game on autoplay, simply click Stop to stop the autoplay at any time.

December 13th, 2016

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