A real jewel of a slot machine is slot machine Jewel Strike

Looking for a online casino game that will give you excitement and big wins, then slot machine Jewel Strike is the game you are looking for here on Makocasion.com. Spin up some fun and excitement on this 5 reel slot machine with the Colossal Reel feature that can be triggered during any spin and the Epic Spins feature where your payouts will be so much bigger. A easy online game that has been designed by Blueprint Gaming for any level of online players to enjoy for hours on end.

Slot machine Jewel Strike is an fun and exciting online slot machine that looks a lot like the populaire Bejeweled game, except this is a slot machine with some rather large prizes. Your game takes place in a surreal and out of this world landscape in all shades of red, blue, white and purple. It all feels very dreamy as the added sound effects also have a dreamy feel to them. You will quickly be taken out of your everyday life and into a dreamy world where your dreams of winning big no longer has to be a dream.

The border on the reels of slot machine Jewel Strike are silver and futuristic looking matching well into the theme of the game. This goes also for the four large sparkling gems that has been used as four of the symbols on slot machine Jewel Strike. You have a green emerald, a blue sapphire, a red ruby and a yellow sapphire. Using some great graphic design the sparkling gems feels like they are just in arms reach of you to be able to grab them. Along with your four gems symbols you also have the very traditional and classical symbols A, K, Q, J and 10. With a futuristic look these symbols fits nicely into the theme of the game.

Now slot machine Jewel Strike might not have any Scatters or Wilds on the reels, but that won’t matter when you get to have the Colossal Reel feature on your online game. This fantastic feature is activated randomly as you play the game. Taking your gems and turning them into huge colossal gems that will take up 3 adjacent reels, which will guarantee you a three in a row win on every line. Plus you could get even more wins if you get a matching regular sized gem on the remaining reels. You are gonna wish that every online slot machine have this amazing features once you have triggered it the first time.

Now if you want bigger and better winnings on slot machine Jewel Strike use the Epic Spins feature. By clicking on the Epic Spins button you will have activated the feature that gives out epic wins! This fantastic feature will give you the power to eliminate the lower valued symbols on the reels and replacing them with the higher valued symbols. Meaning bigger and better winning opportunities for you. Select x5 bet to eliminate symbols 10, J and Q from the reels. Select x10 bet to eliminate symbols 10, J, Q and K or select the best one of x20 bet and have all the lower paying symbols eliminated from the reels allowing you to win some epic prizes on slot machine Jewel Strike.

If you want to play a online game that gives out epic winnings then slot machine Jewel Strike is the game to play on Makocasino.com.

Playing slot machine Jewel Strike

You will be pleased to know that slot machine Jewel Strike is fast and easy to start playing, so you won’t be messing about with a load of different settings. You have 10 fixed paylines that you won’t have to pay any attention to. Move straight on to selecting your betting amount for the game you will be playing. The up arrow with the plus sign on will increase your betting amount and the arrow pointing down with the minus sign will decrease your betting amount. You can now start to play slot machine Jewel Strike if you don’t wish to use the Epic Spins feature on your game. However if you do wish to make your winnings bigger and better click on the Epic Spins button before you click on the Spin button. You will now be able to select which level you will be playing with on the Epic Spins feature. Feel epic when you play on Makocasino.com.

December 13th, 2016

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