Create the perfect potion with slot machine Frog Grog

This is an online casino game that will bring magic and powerful spells into your life, when you play slot machine Frog Grog on With 5 reels and 25 paylines and some magical extras such as Dropping Symbols, Wild symbols and a spellbinding mystery bonus game you will feel like the greatest sorcerer when the big winnings appear on your screen.
Slot machine Frog Grog is the perfect online game if you like a bit of magical powers, spell making and mystery. The game takes you into a dark and mysterious room that looks like it could be the home of a great sorcerer or a wicked witch. In the room are all the many object you would expect to find in a sorcerer’s or witches house, such as a magical hat, a spell book, burning candles with one of the candles on top of a skull and some bird cages. Thunderkick are the designers of slot machine Frog Grog and has pay a lot of detail to the graphics and animations of the game. Notice as you play the game a tiny little mouse running above your reels and some dark red eyes hiding in the dark while looking at you from time to time. Along with the creepy music playing everything on this online game fits perfect together.
The reels on slot machine Frog Grog are the shelves in the room that are holding all the ingredients to make a magical spell, and underneath is the large brewing pot where your magic will be created. The ingredients are your symbols and you have 6 different symbols to create great winning combinations with. You have a small blue bottle with potion, a green potion, a purple potion with eyeballs, a red potion with a beating heart, a red rose and a blue moth inside a lantern. Some of these symbols has been given animations to bring the game to life. In every magical spells making you of course need a slimy green frog and on slot machine Frog Grog you have the slimy frog as your Wild symbol. However this slimy frog isn’t green but instead a bright orange and red frog with a W on it’s chest. When the frog symbol appears on your reels you will see him remove all symbols on the same row and column and then turn into a blue frog. He will however not remove any of his fellow frogs on the reels when you have more then one frog appearing. Your little frog symbol will then remain for the rest of the game round or until it is playing part of a winning combination.
Slot machine Frog Grog has been given the magical power of the Dropping symbol feature and the Multiplier feature. The Dropping symbol feature will happen each time you have a winning combination on the reels. The symbols that has been creating a winning combination will be removed and placed into the brewing pot, allowing for new symbols to drop down into their space and creating new winning combinations if possible. The Dropping symbol feature and the Multiplier feature works together. Each time you have new symbols dropped to replace the winning symbols you will increase the Multiplier one step at the time. You have multipliers x1, x2, x3 ,x5 and x7! The Multiplier feature also appears during your mystery bonus game.
The mystery bonus game is truly a mystery as this feature is triggered randomly when no new dropping symbols can occur. The brewing pots potion will turn blue and start to rise, while only the symbols of the moth, the red rose, and the frog will be displayed on the reels. This is when you will be able to make the most powerful and magical winning combinations as you see multipliers rise as you brew up your spell.
Be the most powerful sorcere or witch by brewing up some big winning combinations on with slot machine Frog Grog.

Making the potion on slot machine Frog Grog

You don’t have to be an experienced sorcerer or casino online player to be playing slot machine Frog Grog. Thunderkick has designed the game so any online player of any level will be able to enjoy playing the game. Start your potion making by selecting the betting amount you wish to play with. This is done by simply clicking on the casino chip button. You will then be displayed with a different betting amount. Click on the betting amount you want to play with. You can always select a new betting amount after each spin. The time has come for you to practise your magical potion making spells. Click on the Spin button to start the reels spinning and the brewing in the pot.

There are probably a few sorcerers or witches out there who likes to use the magical Autoplay button, so their magical fingers don’t have to keep clicking on the Spin button. Slot machine Frog Grog gives you 10 different amount of autoplay to select from. Stop the autoplay by clicking on the Stop button at any time.

December 13th, 2016

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