Play the instant win game Epic Gems and take your chance on big winnings, but watch out for the mines

If you are looking for a fun and epic online casino game on then instant game Epic Gems is the one to play designed by Gamevy Production. With 40 colourful gems with 4 of them hiding a mine. The aim of the game is simple collect all the 36 gems with no hiding mine and win the jackpot. For each gem you select that don’t hold a mine your winnings amount will rise. Stop your game at any time and cash out your winnings.

With dramatic music playing in the background you have been taken into outer space with instant game Epic Gems. A light blue colour with tiny stars is the backdrop and from time to time you will see large parts of planets pass by your online casino game.

Sparkling bright and colourful are your 40 gems that you will be playing with. You have the gems in the colours red, pink, orange, green and blue in different shapes. It doesn’t matter which colours you pick as they are worth the same, what matters is how many you get without hitting a mine. The more gems you get the more you win. 7 gems will double your money.

When you have selected and clicked on the first gem you want, a vortex will appear on the right side of the game. Swirling around continuously as you play the game with different shades of blues, purples and some sparkles. The gems you pick that don’t hold a mine will disappear into the vortex be added to your winnings. If you hit a gem holding a mine the vortex will disappear again.  

After you have selected your first gem you will be given the option to cash out at any time. But you must cash out before you hit a mine, once you have hit a mine you will no longer be able to cash out as your winnings will be lost.  How much you will win on playing instant game Epic Gems all depends on how high a bet you placed on your online casino game.

Instant game Epic Gems has been designed so any level of online player would be able to enjoy it, have fun and best of all win some great payouts. The game can be played fast with quick selections of the gems you wish to have or you can slow down the online casino game and enjoy it while taking your time selecting the gems. There is no wrong or right way to play instant game Epic Gems on

Having fun with instant game Epic Gems

The rules and settings for instant game Epic Gems is very simple. Before the online game begins you will be given a option to select your betting amount for the game. By using the plus you will be able to increase your betting amount and the minus button will decrease your betting amount. The bigger your betting amount is the bigger your jackpot will be. Watch the Jackpot amount grow as you increase your betting amount.

Once you have selected your betting amount you may click on the Play button and start the game. It is now your turn to select the gems you don’t think have a mine hidden. The more gems you get the bigger your payout will be. If you wish to stop your game and have the winnings paid out simple click on the Cash Out button.

November 24th, 2016

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